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Abstract Watercolor Drawing
When I say, I've been there, done that, know that I really have been in your shoes.

I recall one day, feeling absolutely miserable and frustrated, overwhelmed and even useless, as I looked across my desk to see piles of “stuff”... I was powerless and overwhelmed, almost defeated. 


I say almost, because out of that dread and frustration (I think there was even some hair pulling and tears), I said to myself, “I just can’t take this anymore!”


That was my rock bottom, but also a huge turning point and where I started on my journey of getting rid of the chaos. I promised that I wouldn’t (and couldn’t) be held back any longer by all of the pandemonium. I figured out strategies that would work for my ADHD brain and for my clients.  

If you are stuggling with your own clutter--mental or physical, I'd love to connect with you personally for a 30-minute chat to discuss your goals and see if any of our services could be a benefit to you.

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